Timeless Chow Chows

The Archives of the Chow Chow in Southern Africa

A list of the Contents of the Book

  3        Introduction                                                                                                                 

  4        The Chow Chow in Southern Africa 

 12       The Chow Chow

 13       A Snippet of the Ancient History

 14       Chow Chows imported into Southern Africa

 18       Chow Chow Registrations with KUSA

 19       Chow Chow Champion Bitches                                                                                  

 24       Chow Chow Champion Dogs

 32       The Chow Chow in the “In Show” line up

 48       The Chow Chow at Special Events                                                        

 55       Higher Placings at Championship Shows                                                         

 83       The KUSA Chow Chow Breed Standard      

 85       Points on the Chow Chow 1940                                                           

 87       Chow Chow Extended Standard and Canine Terminology  

 93       Breed seminar from 2013                                 

 99       Chow Chow Colour and Coat                                                                                    

102      Chow Chow Behaviour and Temperament   

104      Chow Chows in Publications                                                             

106      The Chow Chow Clubs                                                 

120      The Chowists in South Africa, incorporating KUSA affixes

189      Acknowledgements